Do you want to maintain your home’s roofing? Do you have an asphalt-paved roofing surface and worried about its maintenance? If the answer to these queries is “Yes” then seal coating your roofing is an ideal solution. It’s something you can’t ignore otherwise you may have to spend lots of money in the future. Here we are sharing a few reasons that will highlight the importance of seal coating your roofs.

  • Extends roof’s lifespan

Seal coating puts on a protective coating over your roof. It’s like a shell that guards the surface from different elements.

Seal coating puts on a protective coating over your roof. It’s like a shell that guards the surface from different elements. It is especially important as the winter months come closer and the temperatures go down. Cold temperatures bring frost and precipitation that can damage the roof. Therefore, seal coating is necessary as it protects the roofing surface from these elements and extends its life.

  • Protects against freeze-thaw cycle and water damage

Unsealed roofing is prone to the elements, particularly water damage. During the winter season, this issue gets worse when water seeps into tiny cracks and frost. Frozen water enlarges and causes big cracks. With seal coating, small cracks on the roof can be sealed and keeps the water out, thus preventing water damage.

  • Prevents high repair costs

Your home’s roof has direct exposure to the elements in the absence of seal coating. This results in damage like potholes and cracks over time. The cost to repair such damage is quite high and a delay in repair may require an entirely new roofing sooner than expected. Of course, you can prevent these high costs by seal coating your home’s roof.

  • Prevents the drying consequences of the sun

Sun can cause great damage to your home’s roof. This sort of damage is a threat for a whole year, not just during the summer season. Seal coating helps fill surface gaps and guards asphalt surfaces against the sun throughout the year.

  • Keeps the roof new and alluring

The color of seal coating is black and it looks beautiful on asphalt surfaces. Also, seal coating provides a non-porous, smooth surface that allows easy wash out of debris and dirt during rainy days. This keeps the roof look new and clean.

  • Fall and spring are the best times for seal coating

Seal coating cannot be done in all seasons. The best seasons to get it done are during fall and spring season when the temperatures are above 50 degree Celsius and rainfall is quite low. Homeowners must go for seal coating during the fall season, as it’s the perfect time to guard their home’s roof before the winter season.

Why choose R&D Roofing?

R&D Roofing is a fully insured and licensed roofing company. We specialize in seal coating the roof no matter whether it’s residential or commercial roofing. We offer several types of seal coating, including:

  • Acrylic coating
  • Silicone coating
  • Reflective roof coating
  • Cool roof coating
  • And much more

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