Here in Florida, most residents select metal roofs for their commercial and residential buildings. You must be thinking about why metal roofs have become the choice of most Floridians. Well, there are several reasons behind the popularity of metal roofs. Let’s discuss some of these reasons.

       1- Durability

Metal roofs are much more durable in comparison to other materials.

Metal roofs are capable of holding the roof during bad weather conditions like heavy snowfall, heavy rain, and strong winds. Also, these roofs are non-combustible and will not catch fire. Once you have installed metal roofs in your workplace and homes, you can remain stress-free for many years ahead.

       2- Longevity

Metal roofs can remain intact for several years. These roofs are long-lasting and can last a few decades. When individuals build a new home or office, they prefer selecting a long-lasting material. Hence, they choose metal roofs because of their longevity. On average, a metal roof can last for approximately 60 years.

       3- Low maintenance

Metal roofs are durable in nature and can withstand all types of weather, thus requiring minimum maintenance. Just make sure your metal roof is installed properly and you keep it free from leaves, debris, and other stuff like that. It is recommended to clean your metal roof after a heavy windstorm or every 6 months.

       4- Low cost

The initial cost to install a metal roof is an investment. If you consider the long-term benefits of metal roofs, then this cost will be well worth the investment as it stands to be a lost-cost long term solution.

       5- Eco-friendly

Most of the metal roofs are recyclable and therefore an eco-friendly choice. The scraps of metal roofs can be utilized to manufacture other products.

       6- Warranty

Most often, metal roofs are sold with 20-50 years of warranty.

As far as the components of metal roofs are concerned, there are three main components i.e. metal coils, panels, and seam. Metal coils are long and roll down the ceiling. These coils are made with aluminum or other metals. Metal coils are then transformed into a specific shape based on the shape of the building. Once the metal coils are shaped, these are called panels. After that, two panels are connected together through the side ribs, which are termed as a seam. Then, different types of clamps, pipe boots, and clippers are utilized to manufacture a complete metal roof.

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