Living in an area of high hurricane activity requires more attention to the structure of the home. It’s important to make sure the home is safe and sturdy to keep your loved ones protected at all times. Among the many things that need to be taken into account is in fact the roof. This is why Metal Roofs have become a great option, especially in the state of Florida where hurricane season can be very time consuming to prepare for.

The strong walls help to establish a stronger structure for the roofs. This alone is not enough reason to neglect the importance of the roof. Metal Roofs are considered a new and innovative idea to reinforce  the strength go the overall structure of the home.  It is an upgrade of the old classic roofs where bricks and cement were used and could be damaged easily with hurricanes and other inclement weather.

Why Choose Metal Roofs? 

Comparing with the older system of of roofing, metal roofs are the best in numerous ways. Some of the reasons include:

  • They provide greater durability as they are made of Aluminium. Aluminium metal when exposed to air form Aluminum Oxide layers, which prevent it from rusting, making it stronger.
  • Metal roofs are leak proof and provide greater thermal resistance , as greater amount of heat energy by sunlight is reflected back.
  • Another key feature is the Interlocking System , which makes it a good resistance against strong winds. Some metal roofs systems even passed 130+ MpH wind tests.
  • Metal roofs are strong yet light in weight. Hence, the structural integrity of the building is not compromised.
  • Easy Integration of solar systems.

Why Choose R&D Roofing? 

There are alot of companies providing this service but the recommended one is R&D Roofing . The reasons include but are not limited too:

  • We are a fully Licensed & Insured Company with a great experience in this field.
  • Our staff is made of highly trained and experienced professionals to help and advise you for the best customer experience.
  • Our team can provide you with the best metal roofs on a tight budget with great quality.
  • We use advanced technology for the implementation of roofing so you will have the best experience.
  • Moreover, we will provide you full level customization in style of roofs to make it according to the design of the house. Metal roofs are available in different colours and the design is easy to change.