Waterproofing work

These days there are several ways for waterproofing work. People use different types of sealant, paint coats and other ways to waterproof their roof.

Why waterproofing work is important?

The reason why everyone should consider waterproofing work for their roof is because it can have a long-term benefit. Having liquid applied membranes have proved to be a feasible, economical and more environmentally friendly solution and that’s why it’s getting popular. In layman’s words, these waterproofing work for roofs are referred to as coatings for roofs. We may think that they are all the same and offer waterproofing for roofs but only a roofing contractor knows that each coating has its own pros and cons.

Components of waterproof roofing

The categories of liquid roofing sealants include elastomeric, polyurethane, silicone, urethane, and PMMA. Most of the time, roof coatings come in white color. It is kind of reflective of UV rays on the roof that redirect away some of the UV rays and lower the temperature of the roof during direct sun exposure. This is eventually cool off the roof.

Having a new roof is beneficial as compared to fixing an old roof. It could be hazardous to health and the environment. Replacement is kind of expensive, but it is worth it. Roofs can last many years before they are damaged enough to be replaced but they do require maintenance.

Here we will be discussing some concerning things for waterproofing roofs.

What preparations are needed before waterproofing a roof?

First, you have to consider the condition of the roof. Is it worth replacing or minor fixes would do the job? You have to decide for yourself. Now, you need to know which material is compatible with the roof. A roof could be made of ply, cement, or concrete. Once they make a roof, they usually apply some sort of waterproofing sealant. It could be silicone, urethane, or acrylic. You need to use exactly the same roof sealant or something that works well with the previous coating. The idea is to use sealants that have adhesive properties with the previous one. If you try different coating, they may not sit well, and you will end up with the same problem within weeks.

Another important thing is to clean the roof surface. You need to take out any old, damaged pieces of roof, leaves, debris, dust, and anything else on the roof. In the presence of debris and dust, there is a chance that the new coating won’t stick. There has to be a clean bare surface for the best results. For cleaning flat roofs, experts suggest pressure washing using detergents. The pressure washing will eliminate the bond breakers that are typically not visible at first glance.

Then comes the step of priming the surface for waterproofing treatment. This process is done to enhance the adhesion of the surface. Primers also aid to block leakage of the bituminous oils from the existing roof.  For best results, the surface has to be dry. For this, many roof contractors such as R&D roofing use air blowers or torches.

After the necessary preparation, sealants are applied.

Metal Roofs

Here in Florida, most residents select metal roofs for their commercial and residential buildings. You must be thinking about why metal roofs have become the choice of most Floridians. Well, there are several reasons behind the popularity of metal roofs. Let’s discuss some of these reasons.

       1- Durability

Metal roofs are much more durable in comparison to other materials.

Metal roofs are capable of holding the roof during bad weather conditions like heavy snowfall, heavy rain, and strong winds. Also, these roofs are non-combustible and will not catch fire. Once you have installed metal roofs in your workplace and homes, you can remain stress-free for many years ahead.

       2- Longevity

Metal roofs can remain intact for several years. These roofs are long-lasting and can last a few decades. When individuals build a new home or office, they prefer selecting a long-lasting material. Hence, they choose metal roofs because of their longevity. On average, a metal roof can last for approximately 60 years.

       3- Low maintenance

Metal roofs are durable in nature and can withstand all types of weather, thus requiring minimum maintenance. Just make sure your metal roof is installed properly and you keep it free from leaves, debris, and other stuff like that. It is recommended to clean your metal roof after a heavy windstorm or every 6 months.

       4- Low cost

The initial cost to install a metal roof is an investment. If you consider the long-term benefits of metal roofs, then this cost will be well worth the investment as it stands to be a lost-cost long term solution.

       5- Eco-friendly

Most of the metal roofs are recyclable and therefore an eco-friendly choice. The scraps of metal roofs can be utilized to manufacture other products.

       6- Warranty

Most often, metal roofs are sold with 20-50 years of warranty.

As far as the components of metal roofs are concerned, there are three main components i.e. metal coils, panels, and seam. Metal coils are long and roll down the ceiling. These coils are made with aluminum or other metals. Metal coils are then transformed into a specific shape based on the shape of the building. Once the metal coils are shaped, these are called panels. After that, two panels are connected together through the side ribs, which are termed as a seam. Then, different types of clamps, pipe boots, and clippers are utilized to manufacture a complete metal roof.

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Residential Roofing

You have to invest a big sum of money to buy a home for you and your family. Besides a huge investment, you also have to spend your precious time purchasing a house. Furthermore, all of your valuable belongings are kept at home. Therefore, it’s necessary to protect your property with quality residential roofing. It’s because a roof provides the first line of protection against bad weather conditions. It not just guards your house, but everything inside it. So, it’s crucial to pay attention to your residential roofing and assign that work to a professional roofing contractor such as R&D Roofing.

It’s necessary to protect your property with quality residential roofing.

Our roofing company provides the best residential roofing services in Florida. Our expert roofing contractors give a detailed 21-point inspection of each roofing surface and provide free-of-cost roof repair estimates. No matter whether you require a brand new roof construction or a minor roof repair, we can assist. We offer:

  • Residential roof repair.
  • Residential roof replacement for all types of roofing materials, including slate, shingle, and tile.
  • Free roof inspections and repair estimates.
  • Storm damage remedies that fulfill your insurance requirements and certified claims adjusters on spot to assist with your claim.
  • An experienced team of professionals who can guide you in choosing materials or give suggestions on new roof construction.
  • With years of experience in this field, we can provide top-quality work at the most competitive prices.

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At R&D Roofing, we deal with each project equally no matter whether it’s new construction or minor repair work. Our roofing team makes sure that your roof is correctly installed with the least disturbance to the life of home residents. When you call R&D Roofing, you can expect high-quality roofing materials, excellent customer service, and an experienced team. Our residential roofing team is fully bonded, licensed, and insured. It is our key priority to install your roof securely.

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Seal Coating

Do you want to maintain your home’s roofing? Do you have an asphalt-paved roofing surface and worried about its maintenance? If the answer to these queries is “Yes” then seal coating your roofing is an ideal solution. It’s something you can’t ignore otherwise you may have to spend lots of money in the future. Here we are sharing a few reasons that will highlight the importance of seal coating your roofs.

  • Extends roof’s lifespan

Seal coating puts on a protective coating over your roof. It’s like a shell that guards the surface from different elements.

Seal coating puts on a protective coating over your roof. It’s like a shell that guards the surface from different elements. It is especially important as the winter months come closer and the temperatures go down. Cold temperatures bring frost and precipitation that can damage the roof. Therefore, seal coating is necessary as it protects the roofing surface from these elements and extends its life.

  • Protects against freeze-thaw cycle and water damage

Unsealed roofing is prone to the elements, particularly water damage. During the winter season, this issue gets worse when water seeps into tiny cracks and frost. Frozen water enlarges and causes big cracks. With seal coating, small cracks on the roof can be sealed and keeps the water out, thus preventing water damage.

  • Prevents high repair costs

Your home’s roof has direct exposure to the elements in the absence of seal coating. This results in damage like potholes and cracks over time. The cost to repair such damage is quite high and a delay in repair may require an entirely new roofing sooner than expected. Of course, you can prevent these high costs by seal coating your home’s roof.

  • Prevents the drying consequences of the sun

Sun can cause great damage to your home’s roof. This sort of damage is a threat for a whole year, not just during the summer season. Seal coating helps fill surface gaps and guards asphalt surfaces against the sun throughout the year.

  • Keeps the roof new and alluring

The color of seal coating is black and it looks beautiful on asphalt surfaces. Also, seal coating provides a non-porous, smooth surface that allows easy wash out of debris and dirt during rainy days. This keeps the roof look new and clean.

  • Fall and spring are the best times for seal coating

Seal coating cannot be done in all seasons. The best seasons to get it done are during fall and spring season when the temperatures are above 50 degree Celsius and rainfall is quite low. Homeowners must go for seal coating during the fall season, as it’s the perfect time to guard their home’s roof before the winter season.

Why choose R&D Roofing?

R&D Roofing is a fully insured and licensed roofing company. We specialize in seal coating the roof no matter whether it’s residential or commercial roofing. We offer several types of seal coating, including:

  • Acrylic coating
  • Silicone coating
  • Reflective roof coating
  • Cool roof coating
  • And much more

Call us today if you are looking for the best roofing company to seal coat your roof!

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