Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is a complex task, and hence, it can only be done by professionals. No matter whether you want to replace the entire roof of your business entity or just a few tiles, you always require an expert to do it. Make sure to look out for the following things when selecting a commercial roofing service.

First, you must hire a competent commercial roofing contractor so that you can get the desired results. All roofing contractors are not the same that’s why it is highly recommended to select a professional company. Also, make sure the contractor you choose has a permanent business address along with a telephone number, a business license, and a tax identification number.

Not all roofing contractors are insured. Choosing an insured roofing contractor is important and you can confirm this by requesting them for proof. Also, you can ask your contractor for the certificates of workers’ liability coverage and compensation. Do check the validity of coverage certificates and make sure it lasts throughout your project’s duration. It is crucial, as several homes and business owners have been sued due to the injury of uninsured roofers on the site. You can be held liable if an uninsured contractor gets injured while working on your real estate.

Always ensure that the roofing contractor is professionally licensed and bonded before getting a commercial roofing service quote. Don’t forget to ask a contractor about their track record. The contractor must be able to show you the list of completed projects as well as the references. When getting a roofing service quote, demand for a detailed and written quote or proposal. Carefully analyze this document as per the work descriptions and job specifications. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions related to the service quote. Ask your roofing contractor about the procedure that will be taken to supervise your project for quality assurance.

Never be afraid to investigate any past complaints that might be filed against the contractor you are considering. For that, you can get in touch with the local Regulations Department or Better Business Bureau. Also, you can search on different consumer websites to look for the clients’ reviews. Thoroughly understand and read any guarantees or warranties being offered by your contractor. It’s always advised to select a contractor that is devoted to both workers’ safety and education. Ask the contractor about their safety training and industry education programs for workers.
Never rely on the lowest bid, as it is not the only factor to determine the contractor’s professionalism and quality workmanship. It’s because most of those contractors are either uninsured or use substandard materials. So, always look for several factors before making any decision for hiring a commercial roofing contractor.

Here at R&D Roofing, we provide quality commercial roofing services with complete focus on your requirements, building type, and budget. Our roofing contractors make sure to fulfill local building codes and manufacturer’s specifications. Besides the new roofing installation, we also offer roof repair services for all types of commercial buildings.

Residential Roofing

The roof of a home helps protect you, your family members, your pets, and belongings against adverse weather conditions. Moreover, the roof also maintains the beauty and value of your house for the upcoming years. Also, it helps provide the best insulation and keeps your energy bills low during the year no matter whether it’s extreme hot or cold season. You can decorate your roof in accordance with the color scheme and style of your house.

R&D Roofing has become a leading roofing contractor in Tampa and Miami. Our residential roofing team is dedicated to provide high-quality roofing service as well as the best roofing systems in these areas. We aim to provide every homeowner with complete knowhow of roofing products and the roof installation process. Our well-skilled workers will install long-lasting, high-quality roof that will beauty your home appearance. Our roofing experts will advice homeowners about the roofing process and the selection of the right roofing based on your durability, cost, and clients’ desired appearance.

When you had your residential roofing inspected the last time? Are you unable to recall it? If ‘yes’ then it is absolutely the right time to call a roofing contractor to let you inform of any potential damage. It is highly recommended to get your residential roof inspected at least two times in a year and book the best roof repair services as required. By scheduling regular roof repair work, it’s possible to expand the life of your roof. No matter whether you are living in a big house or a small one, you can contact R&D Roofing for all your roof replacement and repair needs in and around Miami and Tampa.

If you are unable to idenfity the right time for roof replacement, then start looking for the following signs.

  • Cracked shingles
  • Attic leaks
  • Curled shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Stained ceilings
  • Streaky shingles

Immediately call our committed roofing team as soon as you observe any of these signs. Our team can handle every residential roofing task, from minor shingle repair work to major wind damage repairs. Here it’s important to state that roofs cannot last forever, however, they have a lifecycle of 20-30 years. An experienced roofing contractor will thoroughly inspect your residential property and will pinpoint a potential roof damage.

If you are looking for a roof inspection, roof repair, or roof replacement service, then feel free to contact R&D Roofing. Our roofing experts specialize in residential roofing repair and installation services, so you can count on our first-class roofing work. Our roofing team delivers the best service and ensures 100% guaranteed work. Don’t wait any longer if you are in need of roof repair service. A leaky or damaged roof can cause water penetration in your home and ultimately inviting mold that can be dangerous for the health of your family. Besides health risks, mold also destroy the structure of your house. Therefore, solving your roofing issues well on time is highly recommended to avoid any costly damage in the future.

Roof Repairs

It’s important to protect your family and belongings from bad weather conditions and that can be best possible with a good roofing system. Make sure your roofing system is strong enough to endure high-speed winds, storms, and rain to avoid leaks, torn shingles, and broken tiles. If in case your roof gets damaged by a recent storm or rain, then fix it rapidly to prevent any severe internal damage to your house. R&D Roofing is the right choice for you no matter whether it’s a major or minor roof repair task.

Roof leaks are the most common roof repair task when a severe storm hits the locals. If you are also experiencing the problem of roof leaks, then don’t wait any longer. Call us immediately to keep you away from any big issue. A roofing contractor can help inspect your roofing system and determine whether its a huge issue or a minor problem. You can trust our roofing services as we are a professional roofing company. Our experienced roofing team will identify the underlying issue and come up with the right solution.

The roof of a home provides ultimate protection to you, your family, and all things inside your property. Therefore, it’s essential to have a reliable roofing system along with regular maintenance to avoid roof leaks. Here are some benefits of having a roof inspection and repair service.

  • Reduces your energy bills: Your air conditioner or heater will perform well if you succeed in preventing roof leaks that allow drafts flowing throughout your home.
  • Ultimate defense: The roof provides an ultimate defense to your house and keeps everything safe and dry inside your property. We build long-lasting roofs that can endure bad weather conditions, so you don’t need to worry about the leaky roof.
  • More savings: Roof repair and maintenance can save hundreds of dollars, both in the long and short term. Rather than dealing with huge consequences because of structural damage, it’s better to take precautionary measures and prevent major repairs.

Roofing Repair Services

R&D Roofing offers roof installation, roof repairs, and roof maintenance services. Our key roof repair services include:

  • Leak prevention
  • Asphalt shingle
  • Shingle damage
  • Storm damage
  • Dry rot
  • Vent pipe boot
  • Resealing
  • Chimney flashing
  • Tile repair
  • Ventilation
  • Damage revision
  • Fading and discoloration
  • Crack sealing

No matter what roof damage problem you are dealing with, we can fix it with our roofing expertise. It doesn’t matter whether its a shingle replacement or a complex problem such as debris or hail damage, high winds, or other huge structural damage, we are here to assist you anytime, anywhere. We also collaborate with your property insurance company to cover the majority of your roofing expenditures under your insurance policy. We are available 24/7 and can respond to your roof repair request any time of the day or night. Our roofing team will ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Simply call us if you are dealing with either a minor or major roofing damage.

Metal Roofs

Everyone wants their house or building to be perfectly strong. They want their building strong enough to endure harsh weather conditions but at the same time, they want their buildings stylish enough to stand out among many others. Well, the bar is definitely high because each house these days is like an epitome of perfection and elegance. Although building itself is a work of art but one of the most important factors that count high in the structure of the building is its roof. Whether you have a big home with a lot of expensive interiors or it’s a small apartment with simple furniture, choosing quality roofing can safeguard your building from serious damage and costly repairs. There are different kinds of roofing materials that are used for newly built home structures and for existing structures. Solid roofing is a kind of capital investment for new homes and for existing homes. If you spend money on roofing, it is going to last for at least a decade and more before you require any maintenance. Different metals like aluminum, tin, zinc, copper, or galvanized steel is being used in roofing for commercial buildings and homes.

If you’re looking for reliable and lasting roofing, go with the metal roofs.

People across the world have chosen metal roofs for their residential and commercial buildings because they are the best. Here we have weighed a few advantages of choosing metal roofs.

Have a look:

Long life

The best thing about metal roofs for residential or commercial buildings is that it has a much longer life expectancy than some other ordinary roofing material. It’s a fact that high-quality metal won’t wear off in just a few years. Experts claim that high-quality metal roofing can last up to 50-70 years with very minimal maintenance. That’s a lot of time if you really think about it.

Quick and easy installation

Everyone wants their home to be done real quick and that’s why they look for easy ways. The metal roofing option is quick and has an easy installation method. You are required to have the roofing experts like R&D roofing to install the metal roofs properly though.


Unlike many other roofing materials, metal roofs are durable no matter which metal you use. Every metal has a different sustainability level, but they all can sustain extreme summer heat, heavy storms, raining, snowfall, earthquakes, and they will not crack even with pressure-wind under normal circumstances. In an extreme catastrophe, it might be safe to check the roof just in case it got damaged otherwise it is pretty safe.

Fire resistant

As the metal is a non-combustible material, there is no risk of fire bursting out of your home. You can always count it as the most favorable roofing option if you live with a family. It doesn’t spark when lightning hits as well.


Another cool aspect of choosing metal roofs is that they can be recycled. You can use them for 50 plus years and replace them but the old one would still contribute to something after being recycled.

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