Metal Roofs

If you look around, then you will see metal roofs everywhere. They are installed in homes, shops, and even in commercial buildings where you normally don’t notice. But have you ever thought why do people use metal roofs in their homes and building? What are the basic metal roof components? And is it reliable? Here, at R&D Roofing, we are going to break down all the questions.

Why do people choose metal roofs?

There are several reasons why people choose metal roofs for their homes and commercial building. It is not completely ideal to use this material but there are some benefits of using it. Let’s have a look at benefits.

  • Longevity

The metal roofs are engineered to last for at least a few decades. So, when people decide to make a new house, they choose to use a long-lasting material. So, metal roofs are the ultimate choice for new houses. Some roofs can even last for 60 years.

  • Durable

The metal roofs are durable if they are compared to wood, concrete, plastic, and glass. The metal roof can hold the roof in rainy weather, heavy snowfall, strong winds, and keep the roof debris free. They are also non-combustible and fireproof so there are enough reasons to install it in your homes for durability.

  • Maintenance

When these metal roofs have proved to be durable in all sorts of weather, there is only minimal need for maintenance. If your roof is perfectly installed then just keep it clean of debris, leaves, and the kind of stuff that would get stuck in there. You can do the cleaning every 6 months or after the heavy storm.

  • Eco-friendly

Metal roofs can be recycled so they are eco-friendly choices. All the scraps can be used to make other products.

  • Low cost

When you first make your decision to install the metal roofs, it would be expensive but given the time it would last, it is definitely a low-cost solution.

  • Warranty

Most of the time, the metal roofs come with a 20 to 50 years of warranty. So, in case, if it has gotten damage in that course of time, you can change it. Although weather warranties are different than the overall warranties.

Components of metal roofs:

  1. Metal coils: The long metal coils are rolled down the ceiling. This metal could be aluminum or other metals, but this is supposed to last for many years.
  2. Panels: The metal coil can be changed into any shape given the shape of house or the building. These shaped metal coils are known as the panels. They are formed together to make a roof.
  3. Seam: The side ribs where two panels connect with each other is known as seam.
  4. Profile: The profile means a basic structure. For metal roofs, first, they establish a basic frame structure in which panels are going to install and then the whole structure would be shifted on the roof.

Different sorts of clippers, clamps, and pipe boot are used to make a whole metal roof.

Roof Repairs

The roof is the first thing that comes in contact with sun, wind, storm, rain, and other severe weather conditions. So, the roof of a real estate may experience wear and tear which makes roof repairs a necessity. The purchase of a property requires a huge investment, therefore, you must keep it in good condition, and for that, roofing repair is very important. A poorly-maintained roof will cause damage to your property and ultimately its value will decrease.

Roof Repairs tasks will also prevent major expenses of roof replacement in the future.

Roof maintenance and repair go side by side as the chances of roof repairs will be low in case of good roof maintenance. Small tasks like replacing damaged shingles and sealing leaks will extend the lifetime of your roof. Plus, the minor roof repairs tasks will also prevent major expenses of roof replacement in the future. You definitely require a roof over your home to keep you and your family members safe and comfortable.

Here it is important to state that accumulated water can lead to mold, and may also encourage bug or insect infestation. If you don’t pay attention to your leaked or damaged roof, then it will only get worse with time. So, it is crucial to immediately contact a roofing repair company if you find a leak or damage in your roof. Here are a few reasons why you should keep roof repairs on your top priority.

Improve property value and appearance

If you want to sell your property in the upcoming years, then you must put effort into roof repairs. A potential home buyer always considers the condition of the roof before making any buying decision. An ignored roof will be unappealing for the potential buyer and will decrease your property value. But if you have well-maintained your roof, then you can get a good price for your property.

Prevents huge expenses

Even if you don’t want to sell your real estate in the upcoming years, it’s essential to get your roof repaired as soon as you note the damage. Otherwise, you will have to spend huge expenses on roof repairs in the long run. Like if you have lost a roof shingle, then it will cause a leak sooner or later if left untreated. In such a situation, you must call a local roofing company to fix problems for minor costs.


Insurance companies prefer giving claims to homeowners for roof repairs if they submit claims as soon as they notice the damage. On the other hand, if homeowners submit their claims after waiting too long, then they cannot recover full claims. It means they have to pay themselves for roof repairs if they fail to recognize and submit a claim for the roof damage to their insurance company.

Roof replacement

No one would like to spend money on roof replacement as it costs a huge amount. A well-maintained roof can last for up to 30 years without requiring replacement. We suggest you to pay attention to roof damage, even if it’s minor damage.

R&D Roofing specializes in roof repairs for both commercial and residential properties. Real estate owners can hire their services with full confidence.

Seal Coating

Want to extend your roof life? Sure, who does not want that. But in today’s world, the surface of the roof is exposed to rain, sun, wind, ice and storm, and it’s tough to withstand these elements without undergoing slight wear and tear. A normal roof can last for up to 20 years, even without a full replacement. But sun and storms can cause damage, especially leaks. So, to guard your roof, roofing contractors have introduced a potential solution in the form of seal coating.

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