Roof Repairs

Roof repair is something that you cannot do yourself. It’s a professional task for which you have to hire the services of a professional roofing company near you. Most of the homeowners avoid spending money on roof repairs and consider it an unnecessary task. They consider roof repair tasks as their last priority for home improvement. Here it’s important to state that roof provides No-1 defense against bad weather conditions. A roof keeps your family and home safe and dry. Therefore, it should be your top priority when opting for a home improvement project.

Let’s have a look at a few reasons why roof repairs should be your key priority.

       1. Roofs seriously affect curb appeal and property value

If you are interested in selling your house in the upcoming years, then you really need to pay attention to your roof. Homebuyers always ask for the condition of the roof when buying a house. Of course, you can’t lie about your roof’s condition as it is among the most obvious things that are evaluated. You can even raise the selling price of your home if you have maintained your roof well.

       2. Cost will be less if roof is fixed sooner

Even if you don’t have any plan to sell your house in the future, it’s worth noting that the earlier the roof repair is done, the less will be the cost. If you have lost the shingle, then your roof damage will get worse over time and will eventually result in a roof leak. In such a situation, it’s necessary to call your local roofing company as soon as possible. Your roofing contractor will fix tiny problems for less cost.

       3. Insurance

If in case you have to claim your home insurance due to some bad weather conditions, then your insurance adjuster will definitely evaluate your roof condition. Your insurance adjuster will easily judge if you have called your roofing repair company sooner or later and it will ultimately affect your claim. Therefore, you must call your local roofing contractor immediately once you notice any roof damage, so that you can get most of your claim.

       4. Roof replacement

No one would like to spend a huge sum of money on roof replacement. But the reality is you have to bear the cost of roof replacement more often if you don’t pay attention to roof damage. A well-maintained roof requires replacement after 25-30 years, and this duration is reduced if you neglect roof repairs. It’s because a neglected roof is likely to damage on the structural level, trapped humidity can decay support beams and develop mold inside the ceiling which will ultimately demand costly roof replacement.

       5. Air quality

Humidity during the summers can damage your roof and let mold grow in nasty places like ceilings and exterior walls. Mold inside the house can seriously decrease your air quality. This will make your family members prone to allergy and cold-like symptoms. So, it’s better to patching the roof hole before it gets too late.

Waterproofing Work

A flat roof leaking can cause great damage to your property if it is not waterproofed. Waterproofing work is highly recommended for a flat roof due to a number of reasons. Even a minor leak in the roof can drain water inside your home or commercial building and can cause severe destruction. It’s better to waterproof your residential and commercial roof to avoid huge investment on roof replacement as a result of water leakage. Waterproofing work provides long-term benefits to the property owners as compared to a rapid-fix repair. If you are trying to choose between a complete roof replacement, a one-time repair, or a waterproof roof, then here we are sharing a few benefits of waterproofing your roof.

      1. Longevity

Waterproofing Work will help decrease the risk of serious damage.

Its because that roof is protected with the waterproof membrane which provides an extra protection layer against wear, leaks, and decay that can be caused by wind, ice, snow, and rain. In meantime, a waterproof membrane reflects daylight, decreasing the consequence of extreme light and heat on your roof. Here at R&D Roofing, we provide the best waterproofing work for your roof that can last for several years, ultimately prolonging the lifespan of your roof.

      2. Energy efficiency

Waterproof membrane helps reflect sunlight and heat, which will save your money on HVAC costs during the summer season by maintaining stable building temperatures. Here it’s important to state that some waterproofing works may even make your eligible for additional warranty and rebate programs. On the other side, a complete roof replacement or a onetime repair won’t have such impact on the building’s energy-efficiency.

      3. Cost savings

Beside decreasing wear and tear, waterproof  membranes for a roof saves your money in short term as it is quite inexpensive than an entire roof overhaul. Also, you will save money on roof maintenance as roof repairs will not be frequently required. There will be significant cost savings in the long-term by prolonging the lifespan of your roof.

      4. Easy installation

Our roofing experts can waterproof your existing roof in a lesser time in comparison to replacing a roof. It’s because waterproofing involves the application of a spray on the roof, which can easily get into the hard-to-reach spaces. Our waterproofing works are designed to reduce any disruption or downtime your routine operations. You can easily carry out your everyday activities without being interrupted by waterproofing work.

      5. Lower humidity

A waterproof work seals your roof from water leakage. The best thing is waterproofing decreases the humidity levels inside your building in addition to prohibiting the mold’s growth. You, your employees, and your family members will be more comfy as there will be protection from more severe structural problems in the future.

      6. Increase property’s value

The value of your property will increase if you go for waterproof roof. If in case you want to sell your property, you can get a good resale amount as buyers will prefer buying a waterproof property. The prospective buyer will be satisfied as he/she won’t need to spend money on complete roof replacement in the long run.

Metal Roofs

Nowadays, lots of materials are available in the market for installing a new roof on your existing or new home. The roof of your house can deteriorate over time and may require the installation of a new roof. Metal roofs have become much popular in recent years because of their several benefits, including longevity, energy-efficiency, safety, and minimal maintenance. It’s completely your choice whether you choose tin, aluminum, zinc, galvanized steel, or copper as you have lots of options. However, make sure your selected metal material is tested by the local testing authority and also complies with the local building code. Here is a list of the key benefits of installing metal roofs.

        1. Durability

Metal is commonly termed as durable material. It’s because metal can endure extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain, snowfall, or a high-speed wind. The metal roofs by R&D Roofing also offer wind and fire resistance and can prevent water and air leakage. This roofing material can also withstand up to 130mph winds, so you don’t need to worry about storms or hurricanes.

        2. Longevity

The metal roof can last for up to 30-50 years, if installed properly. It means a metal roof has an expected life equal to that of a house. Warranty of metal roofs varies from company to company. Metal roofs by R&D Roofing have gained much popularity in Florida due to their durability, strength, and longevity. This is why both home and commercial building owners prefer installing metal roofs.

        3. Sustainability

Metal roofs are made with 25-35% recyclable materials. This material can be virtually recycled 100% at the end of its life period. Metal roofs by R&D Roofing provide energy-efficiency throughout its life cycle. This roofing material can save your money on energy bills as it has the capability to reflect solar radiant heat. A few of their metal roofs can save up to 25% money on energy bills. In this way, your home will remain cool during the whole year, even during the hot summer season. Now you can turn your business or house into a fortress by installing a metal roof.

        4. Stylish

Metal roofs are available in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and finishes. Aluminum and steel are the commonly used metal roofing that is designed for holding paint finishes as well. Metal shingles, tropical style, standing seam, and traditional southern are among the most popular choices.

        5. Weight

In comparison to the tile that weighs 750 pounds per square, metal roofing is light in weight. Majority of the metal roofs weigh between 50 and 150 pounds per square. Due to its lightweight, a significant amount of money can be saved on engineering and constructing the supporting structure. Some metal roofing materials can be applied to the existing roof without tearing it off.

        6. Low prices

The prices of metal roofing are quite affordable. R&D Roofing offers metal roofs at a low price with compromising over the quality of the material. The company always carry out detailed inspections of its raw materials, so you can trust their metal roofing.

Seal Coating

Seal coating refers to a process in which roof sealants are added to the roof to increase the life expectancy of the roof. A protective layer of seal coating is done on the roof when it is done. This way moisture, mold, algae, and debris won’t develop in it and it will last longer.

We all want a kind of home that is durable and safe in any kind of weather. Moisture from rain and snow, UV lights from the sun, pressure from wind, they all can damage your roof with time. With these challenges, a roof can last for about 20 years but if it isn’t built with proper care, it is gonna get leaked at some point. Leakage could be the breaking point for permanent damage to the roof. An extra layer seal coating is applied to the roof so that the roof can endure strong weather conditions and sustain itself for a prolonged period of time. Seal coating is applied by a professional roof contractor because a layman wouldn’t know the basics of roof sealant. Once your roof is sealed with coating, it can take rain, snow, sunlight, storm, and fire but it will get less damage as compared to when it wasn’t seal proofed.

It is important for the seal coating to be applied by a professional roof contractor.

Usually, if you have a flat roof, you should get it seal coated before water penetrates and make it vulnerable to moisture and mold. Flat roofs are designed like swimming pools where there are drain pipes that carry the water from the surface and send it towards the sewerage. But if the roof has cracks in it, it will surely destroy it, therefore get a seal coating after your roof is done. As for sloped roofs, seal coating isn’t much popular but there has been a lot of progress in the last few years to make them safe too.

One of the important things about seal coating is that it should be done according to the roofing material. For instance, if you have a concrete roof, metal seal coating would not be ideal for it. Seal coating comes with a lot of benefits as well. That includes the following:

  1. It is extremely good for a waterproof roof surface. Whether you live in an area where you encounter rain and snow falling, a seal coating can protect your roof for more than 20 years.
  2. When water stays on the roofing surface for a long time, the roof absorbs moisture from water and from the atmosphere. Having a seal coating can prevent mold growth inside the roof.
  3. Another benefit of having a seal coating is that it can make your roof fire-resistant.

R&D Roofing is a company based in Florida that can handle your residential and commercial roofs. The company is a family-owned business for generations, so they have got the real expertise for Florida roofing. They have a range of seal coating options that include Acrylic coating, Polyurea sealant, Silicone sealant, Bitumen sealant, and Rubber EPDM coating. You can choose any one of them. The rates will be reasonable for any choice you make.

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