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Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is entirely different from residential roofing, but most of the individuals don’t understand the difference between them. Everything ranging from material to installation and issues to solutions is completely different from residential roofing. Commercial building owners face different issues for their roofing as compared to the homeowners. It’s important to understand that both commercial roofing and residential roofing have a different industry, and thus, they must be handled differently.

The most obvious difference between these two types of roofing lies in their roofing system. A residential roofing system is usually asphalt shingle and occasionally concrete tile based on the type of weather. Asphalt shingle is the popular option for a residential roofing system. On the other hand, the commercial roofing system has more options such as sprayed polyurethane foam, single-ply (PVC, EPDM, TPO) concrete, modified bitumen, tar, gravel, built-up, etc. So, it can be concluded that commercial building owners have more options as compared to residential building owners. It means commercial building owners have to carry out more research before making any roof repair or replacement decision.

As far as the installation of commercial roofing is concerned, it takes almost a month to install whereas residential roofing takes just one or two days to install.

This increase in time is due to the large size of commercial roofing as compared to residential roofing. Furthermore, commercial  installation is more difficult and complex. It often needs several days of waiting for the mixing, settling, and gluing of roofing products.

New roofing can last several years no matter whether its commercial or residential roofing. But both these roofing do face some problems over time. Here it’s important to state that the issues being faced by a commercial building owner are different from that of a residential building owner. For example, if a residential roof leak then this problem can be solved by patching that area. But if a commercial roof gets a leak, then it may either need patching of that area or coating on the whole roof. The leak in a commercial roof can result in bigger issues and may require roof replacement or new flashings.

Most of the commercial buildings have flat roofs that are more budget-friendly to build as compared to a steep slope or pitched roofs because they need less material. Also, flat commercial roofs are quicker and easier to install. Commercial building owners will have a lot of choices when opting for roof membrane and material such as EPDM, TPO, PVC, built-up, rubber rolled, and modified bitumen roofing. They can choose any of their favorite colors for commercial roofing; however, most of them stick with white. It’s because white roofing helps decrease energy wastage as it has reflective properties.

Here at R&D Roofing, we offer roof repair and new roof installation services. We concentrate on the following types of commercial roofing:

  • Asphalt, coal, tar, and gravel
  • Green roofs
  • Clay and slate roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • EPDM and TPO roofing systems
  • Metal roofs
  • Modified bitumen
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Residential Roofing

Every roof has an expected lifetime no matter whether it’s a residential roofing or commercial roofing. It would not be wrong to say that roofing is one of the most common remodeling projects and requires both time and money. When homeowners decide to replace their existing roof, they often look for the options that require less money and time. You will be glad to know that many types of residential roofing options are available that are reasonably priced.

Every roof has an expected lifetime no matter whether it’s a residential roofing or commercial roofing.

An asphalt shingle roof is the most common and affordable option for residential roofing. Since asphalt shingles are manufactured from materials that are obtained from petroleum, its price fluctuates due to the change in the price of oil. Here in this blog post, we will highlight different types of residential roofing and its benefits for end-users. You can analyze these roofing types and can choose the best for your residential property.

  • Asphalt shingle roof

An asphalt shingle roof is regarded as the king of roofs because of its durability, affordability, and design options. This type of roofing is available in a variety of textures, styles, colors, and qualities. Asphalt shingle roofing will continue to lead the market due to its long-lasting and easy-to-install benefits. Approximately 70-80% of the Americans have used asphalt for their residential roofing.  Besides affordability, durability, and easy installation, asphalt shingles provide quick removal and make their replacement easy. There is no need to tear down your roof, just add a layer of asphalt shingles. This roofing material can last for 20 to 30 years.

  • Slate and tile roof

The residential roofing made with slate and tile is the most costly as it offers maximum durability as compared to other roofing materials. The slate and tile roof looks most attractive and appealing. Besides adding beauty to your home, it requires low maintenance. It also features impact-resistance and can withstand hail storms and winds. Due to its lightweight, it cannot be applied to certain homes, so make sure to speak with a roofing expert before making any decision. It must be kept in mind that a synthetic slate roof can last longer as compared to an authentic slate roof and is environment-friendly due to its recycling characteristic. This type of residential roofing can last approximately 100 years with proper maintenance and care.

  • Metal roof

If you are in search of a strong roof, then a metal roof is the best option as it can withstand the ever-changing and brutal weather conditions. This type of roofing is perfect for your home if it has low-pitch slopes and a specific architectural style. These days, more and more designs, colors, and styles are becoming available for metal roofs.

  • Wood shakes and shingles roof

Another common type of residential roofing in America is wood shakes and shingles. It is completely the choice of homeowners whether they choose western red cedar, pine, cypress, or spruce for their roof. It can last up to 30 years if proper care is taken.

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